If you want to have a belly with no fat at all with abs that look amazing, you need to know that doing crunches will not be the only solution. If you want your abs to look good and get rid of your waist fat, you will need to do a lot more than simple crunches.

There are tons of muscles that are involved in the way your belly looks, from the obliques to the lower abs and even the transverse abdominal, all of these muscles have a major role in the way your abs look. That’s why you’ll need to do many other exercises apart from just crunches. These exercises will help you work out your belly.

That’s why we’ve compiled some of the best abs exercises you can try at home easily! Try the following 6 exercises for your abs and look as sexy as you want with that stomach of your dreams!

The Dumbbell Row Pushup

This exercise is pretty easy and consists of adding resistance to your stomach by doing a kind of planking and pushup exercise.

Try this:

a)Grab two dumbbells with both hands and put them on the floor in a shoulder-width position apart from each other with your body in a push-up position.

b)Then, lower yourself down slowly and push yourself up again until you are in the starting position again.

c)To finish and add tension to the abs, with one of your hands, put one of the dumbbells at one side as far as possible without losing balance and maintaining your body totally straightened.

d)Finish up by coming back to starting position.

Static Lunges with Weight

Lunges are always great for your legs, but with a little weight and a variation, you can also work out your abs while adding tension that you will burn that ugly fat on your belly.

This is how to do it:

a)Grab two big dumbbells but not that big, you should be able to bend your knees and come back again.

b)Put one of your feet in front and one in your back, you should create an A form with your legs.

c)Then, you need to bend both your knees while going down at the same time until your front upper leg forms a 90-degree angle.

d)You stay for 2 or 3 seconds in the bottom and come back again to repeat

This exercise is powerful for your legs too, but if you add enough weight on your arms, you will be increasing the pressure and thus burn a lot of fat.

Bent-Over Row with Resistance Band

Resistance bands are a powerful exercise gear you can use however you want. And when it comes to exercising your abs, they can also be very helpful.

For this exercise, you need to:

a)Grab the resistance band with both hands and put the middle of it under your feet for more stability.

b)Then, grabbing both ends with both your hands you will lean your torso forward until you form a 90-degree angle parallel to the floor.

c)Both hands should be at hips position, and your back should be straightened, then you need to slightly bend your knees and push both handles up towards your upper abs.

d)Make sure your shoulder blades get squeezed together and that your abs feel the process by tightening them up as much as you can.

This exercise, as you see, helps you exercise your back muscles and arms, but with the resistance band, you will achieve better results.

Squat Thrusts with Dumbbell

Squat thrust is a famous exercise for cardiovascular routines, helping you burn fat and maintain a lean body. But when you add dumbbells, you can maximize the resistance and tension, increasing the results by a lot.

You can do this:

a)Stand straight with your feet at a shoulder-width position from each other and holding a dumbbell in each hand. The dumbbell needs to be medium weight.

b)At this position, you need to push your hips backward, bend your knees until you are almost touching the floor with your hands and then as if you were to do push-ups, put your hands with the dumbbells on the floor and your legs straightened.

c)To finish, you can do a push-up. You put your forearm on the floor and stay in that position for 20 seconds, then come back up again and repeat.

It is recommended to do at least 3 sets of about 15 reps. This exercise is mainly for cardiovascular, but with some weights, it adds tension that helps maintain a body with zero fat if done correctly. ...continue reading "Best Crunches Alternatives For Abs – Top 6 Abs Workouts"